CRASH COMMUNICATION – Management Techniques from the Cockpit to Maximize Performance

Nowhere are safety precautions higher than in the airline industry – not even in the Pentagon. Yet disastrous accidents still happen time and time again. Why?

In the corporate world, thousands of companies go bankrupt each year despite high-level executives being on the boards of management. So what goes wrong?

“Crash Communication” by Peter Brandl lifts the lid, shocking and raising awareness in readers but also delivering a whole range of precautions and emergency exits. He draws striking parallels between aviation and business and explains the fatal consequences of human factors.

More than just a book – your guide to success.

  • Real plane crashes. Real company bankruptcies. Real knowledge.
  • Realistic communication examples and crash warnings
  • Many checklists and anti-crash formulas
  • 7 golden rules for mutual understanding

The subject matter of the book is totally up to date, exciting and packed full of solution guidelines. A unique work for all managers and anyone with a high level of responsibility who wishes to stay confident at the controls in their cockpit.


304 pages
Morgan James Publishing
ISBN 978-1630478049
$ 17,95 Softcover | $ 37,19 Hardcover


445 minutes
ISBN 978-3-869-36276-2
€ 39,90 (D) | € 39,90 (A)

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