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How can we become more confident, more genuine and more serene? How can we master extreme situations and stress? How can we find a job that fulfils us, and what can we do to turn from a person who simply has a memory into a person who uses their memory? Who are we, what are we made of, and can we also come up with something new? If we have many dimensions, how do they come together? And is it even possible to define what a strong personality is? 22 experts give both exciting and entertaining responses to these questions. The authors are experts in their field and belong to the German Speakers Association (GSA), the leading organisation for professional consultants, trainers, coaches and speakers. Featuring contributions from Petra Bock, Markus Brand/Frauke Ion, Peter Brandl, Martin Carmann, Stéphane Ettrillard, Helmut Fuchs, Friedbert Gay, Edgar Geffroy, Oliver Geisselhart, Ralph Goldschmidt, Angelika Gulder, Hans-Uwe L. Köhler, Robert Korp, Sylvia C. Loehken, Eva Loschky, Monika Matschnig, Christa Mesnaric, Elisabeth Motsch, Imre Remenyi, Dirk Schmidt, Sabine Schwind von Egelstein and Elfy Walch.


Convinced that a decline in values is increasingly to be observed in recent years in the event industry, Hotel Estrel Berlin and the event specialist intergerma decided to initiate a new event format in 2010. With the event “Werte 2.0” (“Values 2.0”) both main initiators invited players from the industry to debate and discuss the themes of values, ethics and morals. It aimed to throw light on matters such as how traditional and conservative values still influence everyday business practices, what modifications they have undergone and what values are in place in the 21st century. In the meantime, “Werte 2.0” has become an established event on the industry calendar, and every year all of the proceeds are donated to the children’s charity, the “RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e. V.” foundation. In 2012, over 10,000 euros were raised. This is only possible thanks to the support of the organisers, partners and speakers who consider getting involved in the event as their main motivation. The content of this book is based on the contributions and content of the speeches of the event specialists who support “Werte 2.0”. The diversity of themes in the book certainly gives food for thought.


Selbstcoaching für Piloten

Piloten können immer in kritische oder gefährliche Situationen geraten - ob durch äußere Faktoren oder eigene Fehler. Um diese möglichst sicher zu meistern oder idealerweise gar zu vermeiden, soll dieses Buch zeigen, wie man sich mental richtig auf einen Flug vorbereitet, kritische Situationen im Kopf durchgeht und lernt, sicher und routiniert zu reagieren. Mit zahlreichen Fragestellungen und Übungen wird der Leser angeleitet, selbstständig und analytisch seine Stärken und Schwächen zu erkennen und positiv an sich zu arbeiten. Ein interessantes Buch für alle Sport- und Freizeitpiloten - seien es Gleitschirm-, Drachen-, Segel- oder Motorflieger.

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