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HUDSON RIVER – The Art of making tough decisions

What do you have to do to live the life you want to live?

What do you have to do to bring projects to fruition and achieve a goal?

And why has it so often been the other way around up to now?

Many projects develop their own astounding dynamic, but often in the wrong direction. Problems and difficulties are discussed. People go around in circles and do not move forward. But it could all be so simple: clarity and direction are needed. To achieve these, decisions must be made.

In aviation, these decisions make the difference between crash and safe landing.


  • What holds us back or “Why life has no travel cancellation insurance”
  • What motivates us or “Butterflies in the stomach over and over again”
  • Navigation or “Why luck alone is not enough”
  • Self-management types or “Glider pilot, ground potato and jet pilot”
  • If it was so easy or “How can I finally get started?”
  • Hudson River or “What it needs to reach the goal safely” 

Transfer the strategies of professional pilots to your projects and your life. Learn the three steps of navigation to get back onto the route to success. Find out how you can get optimal use from the power of your engine and what holds you back again and again.

Discover what it takes to turn a ground potato into a jet pilot in life or business.

Learn the art of making tough decisions! 

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