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Customers’ demands are changing; employees’ attitudes and expectations are changing; management styles are changing. A change in interpersonal communication calls for new thinking around management.

While technological know-how can be bought at a low price abroad, management of the future is built on the foundations of communication. Better communication means moving from a blame culture to a gain culture, from glider to jet pilot mode.

What knowledge does the employee of tomorrow bring with them to a company? How can the management make use of this? Gain culture or Guilt finder radar? How we should handle mistakes in the 21st century and what you can do to make your team a “learning organisation”.


  • Circular or “Communication in the 21st century”
  • Blame Culture or Learning Organisation: Why the question “Since when do you know this?” is so important
  • Networking vs. traditional hierarchies or “How do you recognize that no one tells you anything anymore?”
  • Using resources vs. power distance or “Why is it better that the co-pilot flies?”
  • Surviving change or “Who is eager to take on new challenges?”

The airline industry boasts impressive statistics: despite difficult circumstances and highly complex systems, the airplane has long been the world’s safest means of transport. Transfer the strategies of professional pilots to your business. What do your project and your employees need to write a similar success story?

Put the throttle at full power for successful company management of the future!

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