Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl als Speaker Peter Brandl redet zum Publikum Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl während des Vortrags Peter Brandl auf der Bühne Peter Brandl spricht zum Publikum



Sheraton Maui

They do not take you seriously, but that with a smile.[read more]


There is nothing I can do anymore anyway

There is nothing I can do anymore anyway – do you know this statement?

[read more]


Peter Brandl becomes one of only 16 German Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP)

On June 29, 2014, keynote speaker and communication expert Peter Brandl received the medal of the Certified Speaking Professional in San Diego

[read more]


Peter Brandl serves at the GSF Ethics Resource Pool

The Global Speakers Federation is the umbrella association of 12 speaker associations around the globe. The Federation exists to do those things that individual associations cannot practically do for...[read more]


Well-prepared – CRM Training for pilots

Peter Brandl provides Crew Resource Management Training to professional pilots at Donau Air Service[read more]


Peter Brandl speaks at the first Leadership Congress in Bonn

Why do devastating accidents still happen in the airline industry time and time again in spite of the strictest safety precautions being taken? In large corporations, high-level executives sit on the board of management, yet...[read more]


Peter Brandl’s new 30-Minute Guide to Negotiating

Brandl’s “30-Minute Guide to Negotiating” brings together the 6 rules of successful negotiating over 96 pages. Readers learn how to prepare a discussion, make convincing arguments, deal with counter arguments and direct the...[read more]


“Crash Communication” – the unabridged audiobook to success is out now!

“Crash Communication” draws astounding parallels between the world of business and international aviation industry. In an exciting and entertaining way, communication expert and professional pilot Peter Brandl throws light on...[read more]


Peter Brandl’s book “Crash Communication” one of the best business books of 2010

The world’s largest online library “Get Abstract” has named “Crash Communication”by Peter Brandl one of the ten best business books to come out in 2010. This nomination is the high point in a whole range of honours. “Impulse”...[read more]


Crash Communication: A safe landing instead of a fall from grace.

75 percent of all accidents in the airline industry are caused not by technical problems, but by human behavior. [read more]

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