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Well-prepared – CRM Training for pilots

Peter Brandl provides Crew Resource Management Training to professional pilots at Donau Air Service

Airplane crashes happen time and again the world over. The trigger is mostly ascribed to human error, followed by a fatal chain reaction. Crew Resource Management, or CRM for short, is a type of training that professional pilots undergo once a year to counteract this by analysing accidents and learning from them. Donau Air Service GmbH, an operator of businesss and private jets based in Mengen, ensures its cockpit crews take regular training sessions with communication experts and professional pilot Peter Brandl.

In Crew Resource Management, it’s not a matter of analysing technical deficiencies, but men, who are to blame for some 80% of crashes. So why, in spite of sophisticated on-board techniques, do flying accidents continue to happen? Managing Director of Donau Air Service GmbH, flying instructor and Flight captain Petra Mogg responds: “In critical situations, communication and decision-making among the crew are crucial to what is going to happen on board in the next few minutes. Full attention and cooperation are needed. The smallest lapse in concentration or a misunderstanding can have negative consequences”, explains the pilot. “With regular CRM Training we always keep our crew at a high level of competency,” adds Petra Mogg.

The airline industry recognised the impact of human factors in aircraft-related accidents as far back as the 1970s. Inconsistencies in terms of competency, poor communication and the problem of making effective and appropriate decisions when under stress were identified as the main triggers. Early on, special training sessions were devised to reduce human failure and improve the effectiveness of inflight crews. The result of this is a sensational statistic for the airline industry, with fewer than 500 deaths (in both 2011 and 2012) out of over 5 billion passengers per day. By comparison, in the same period in Germany alone, there were almost 4,000 road traffic accidents resulting in fatalities.

Peter Brandl has been the Crew Resource Management trainer for the entire crew at Donau Air Service GmbH for several years now.

“The lessons that can be drawn from aircraft disasters can be almost wholly transferred to business”, explains communication expert Peter Brandl. “Planes, just like businesses and teams, are controlled by people.” Through more in-depth research into other examples from the airline industry, Peter Brandl discovered countless parallels which he presents in the talks he gives in the business world.

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