Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl als Speaker Peter Brandl redet zum Publikum Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl während des Vortrags Peter Brandl auf der Bühne Peter Brandl spricht zum Publikum


“Crash Communication” – the unabridged audiobook to success is out now!

“Crash Communication” draws astounding parallels between the world of business and international aviation industry. In an exciting and entertaining way, communication expert and professional pilot Peter Brandl throws light on how communication in challenging situations works, and how understanding between people can be spectacularly improved through measures which are easy to put into practice. In every chapter he contrasts a plane crash with an example from business. The impressive parallels with crashes give the book an extremely emotional edge. The reader is so affected by the causes and background that it becomes easy for them to use the tips and “anti-crash formulas” in their professional life.

The audiobook is wonderfully narrated by two professional voiceover actors. Crash warnings and anti-crash formulas are reinforced by forceful warning tones and each chapter points out to listeners the most important points and advice on how to proceed. Of course, the audiobook is unabridged, so that listeners don’t miss out on any of the exciting and emotional plane crash and business examples. 

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