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Peter Brandl speaks at the first Leadership Congress in Bonn

Why do devastating accidents still happen in the airline industry time and time again in spite of the strictest safety precautions being taken? In large corporations, high-level executives sit on the board of management, yet thousands of companies go bankrupt each year. How can this be? Communication expert, management trainer and professional pilot Peter Brandl speaks at the Leadership Congress in Bonn on 5 April 2013 at the Kameha Grand Hotel, drawing astounding parallels between the world of pilots and managers’ everyday routines.

What costs human lives in aviation leaves people in ruin in the corporate world – human error, which can often be traced back to errors in communication. In his talk, Peter Brandl shows how breakdowns in communication in the cockpit can lead to a fatal chain reaction of events which inevitably bring about a crash. “This phenomenon can be transferred wholly and effectively to the business world, where even the slightest of errors in communication can explode into chaos. The fact that over 29,000 companies in Germany alone went bankrupt in 2012 speaks volumes!”

Misunderstandings resulting from ineffective communication, uncertainty on the part of superiors as to how to act towards employees, and a lack of planning for the worst-case scenario lead to crashes, believes Brandl, as he outlines in his talk with impressive cases from aviation and business in striking images.

For over 15 years, Peter Brandl has been one of the leading lecturers and keynote speakers in the Europe. Following many years in sales and a successful career as a pilot and flying instructor, today he speaks at over 150 events per year and takes his audience on an exciting journey between airplane cockpits and business management.

See communication pro Peter Brandl on 5 April at the first Leadership Congress in Bonn, a business event organised by entrepreneurs, experts and practitioners for successful business and management.

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