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Peter Brandl serves at the GSF Ethics Resource Pool

The Global Speakers Federation is the umbrella association of 12 speaker associations around the globe. The Federation exists to do those things that individual associations cannot practically do for themselves. One of these is to provide a mechanism for input to/resolution of ethics issues for the member associations.

Back in 2005, The Global Speakers Federation created an Ethics Resource Pool. The Ethics Resource Pool is a list of 35 people from all over the world, from which an ad hoc “committee” could be chosen, if and when the need might arise. The maximum size of any given committee would be 7 people, out of the 35 on this list.

It is specifically noted that such a committee does not have the power to impose resolution, nor make binding judgments. It can only advise the association, or make recommendations. Each association will then take whatever action it deems appropriate.

This pool is made up of 35 individuals whose high personal integrity is globally recognized and have sufficient expertise in the business to provide valuable input. Peter Brandl is proud to be asked by Warren Evans, founder of the Global Speakers Federation, to be part in this global network and serve at the GSF Ethics Resource Pool.

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