Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl als Speaker Peter Brandl redet zum Publikum Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl während des Vortrags Peter Brandl auf der Bühne Peter Brandl spricht zum Publikum


Peter Brandl’s new 30-Minute Guide to Negotiating

Brandl’s “30-Minute Guide to Negotiating” brings together the 6 rules of successful negotiating over 96 pages. Readers learn how to prepare a discussion, make convincing arguments, deal with counter arguments and direct the conversation confidently with the right strategies. Whether salami tactics, reframing and outframing, door-in-the-face, foot-in-the-door or the reciprocity technique, this book has the right negotiation strategy for everyone.

You can order the book “30-Minute Guide to Negotiating” here!

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