Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl als Person


Since time immemorial, flying has been a source of fascination to humans, not without some shocks and surprises. Flight crews are requested to communicate perfectly at all times, to manage complex situations and to make the right decisions at the right times.

In the corporate world, it’s no different. And this is where Peter Brandl draws remarkable parallels between these two worlds, leaving his listeners spellbound. The powerful speaker creates tangible images and takes his audience on an exciting journey between airplane cockpits and business challenges. He combines impressive cases from aviation and business with true-to-life examples for all types of communication scenarios.

Peter Brandl’s talks are suitable for:

  • Managers & Executives – he provides tools for more successful management and leadership
  • Teams – he has the right strategies for teams to understand one another
  • Salespeople – he knows how sales communication works
  • Everyone – he has clear communication methods and “anti-crash formulas” for all

Peter Brandl brings a breath of fresh air to your event!

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