Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl während eines Vortrags Peter Brandl als Person


Are you sick and tired of:

  • The same old yadda-yadda-yadda events?
  • Content you’ve heard a thousand times before?
  • Bland and boring PowerPoint presentations?
  • The same exercises for participants over and over again?
  • Jokes and anecdotes told a gazillion times already?

Peter Brandl is different.
Peter Brandl gives 100%.

The world of flying is a source of fascination but also shocks and surprise. Peter Brandl’s talks are pure excitement with a giant slice of entertainment AND user value. He takes you on an exciting flight which will leave a mark on how you think and act in the future.


In „Crash Communication”, you will learn all about how communication mistakes arise and can pile up, leading to a fatal chain reaction, and guaranteed ways of avoiding them from the outset. Includes lively parallels with the world of air travel.


In „Hurricane Management”, you will find out how you can keep a cool head under extreme conditions and why sometimes it’s better to let the co-pilot fly. 

Motivation & Self-management

In „Hudson River”, discover more about your personality. How you can motivate yourelf most effectively even in difficult circumstances and overcome the toughest challenges.

Enjoy the flight!

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