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Peter Brandl, CSP

Speaker, Pilot, Communication Expert, Entrepreneur, Author

Peter Brandl (47) is a professional pilot, flight instructor, management consultant, entrepreneur and author of several successful books such as “Hudson River – The Art of making tough decisions” or “Communication – and what you should know about it”. His book “Crash Communication – Management Techniques from the Cockpit to maximize Performance” was just recently published by Morgan James Publishers NY.

Born on February 15th in Eastern Germany he had to leave home at the age of 13 to move, together with his mother, to western Germany where he finished his education and graduated from university in social pedagogics. On his 18th birthday Peter settled up his first business, at first only to make some money to pay his flying lessons. But later his business grew and on the other side his hobby lead him to an airline pilot license.

Besides his aviation career Peter is one of the most experienced and exceptional keynote speaker in the market. His authentic and professional approach inspires all over the globe for more than 20 years. 

Brandl is also a great entertainer. He puts his audiences on an emotional roller coaster while taking them on a memorable ride with his messages. 

Now Peter sees life from a maximum flight level. As a commercial pilot, he applies fascinating lessons from the world of aviation to today’s management challenges. He answers questions like: Why do you struggle so hard with decisions? How do you make better decisions? How to tear down communication barriers and establish lasting motivation and loyalty? What to do to establish a business culture of responsibility and to build up a learning organization.

The powerful speaker takes his audience on an exciting journey between airliner cockpits and business issues and offers take-away tools, resources and strategies on leadership and communication that can be implemented right away. His client list includes Airbus, Audi, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Microsoft, Credit Suisse and many more.

His client list includes Airbus, Audi, Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Mazda, Microsoft, Credit Suisse, Rockwell and many more.

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