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Can you communicate?

Of course you can. But if so, why do we often fail to achieve what we want to? Why do we plan on saying one thing and end up saying another? Why do we sometimes fail to assert ourselves? And why do we misunderstand each other again and again?

In the airline industry, accidents happen very seldom due to technical problems. In over 80% of all cases, the cause is human-related. What’s striking is that these human factors can be easily transferred to business life.


  • Sender-Receiver model or “Why doesn’t he understand me at all?” 
  • Subjectivity and selectivity of perception or “Of course, I know what I said!” 
  • Pit Bull mode or “Why there is room for decisions between stimulus and response”
  • Eisberg model or “Why remaining factual is pointless”
  • Perception vs. interpretation or “Why we should stop mind reading”

Discover the astonishing parallels between professional aviation and business life. Through an exciting and rousing talk, learn how you can transfer strategies of professional pilots to the communication in your teams. Learn how closed loops and rescue questions can help you to communicate better and more efficiently and avoid conflicts. 

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